Restaurant Review – Big House Pizza

I am always wary of places that spend a lot of time coming up with cute names for their food (Caffe Demetre, I’m looking at you with your “Cone-spiracy Theory” and “The Fridges of Madison County” fare). So it’s with great trepidation that I went to Big House Pizza on the Danforth.

The “clever” names – Bono’s garlic bread with ($5.50) or without cheese($3.95), and “Peter” pan breads ($8.50) – seem unnecessary, but their Rob “the Jerk” Ford pizza (sm $12.99/med $15.99/lrg $19.99) is how I heard about the place, so I guess it works. And it’s one way to stand out amongst the insane amount of pizza joints popping up in the city.

There are panzerottos, sandwiches, pastas, fish and salads, but I’m going to stick with the basics -  and what I happen to think is the ultimate pizza place trifecta -  pizza, wings and wedges.

Crispy fried potato wedges ($3.95) have a soft, pillowy interior, but they are so heavily salted, that even for a salt-licker like myself, they are cast aside.

I am quickly sated by the wings ($9/lb.), which might just be the best I’ve had in years. Deemed “hot” on the menu -  my Mom could probably handle this meager heat – but they are moist, crisp and just soaking through with sauce without dripping everywhere. Even the carrots and celery are insanely wet and fresh. Next time I’ll be sure to ask for the “wicked hot.”

If you want to build your own pizza, some of the toppings are phenomenal – fresh corn & jalapeno salsa, breaded fried chicken and shaved top sirloin. But their specialty pies sure are fun – The John A. McDonald (sm $12.99/med $15.99/lg $19.99) has “ground all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheddar cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed crust.  I choose the  John Candyed Ham (sm $13.50/med $16.99/ lg $20.99) and it’s outstanding, just like the man himself. Despite being chock full of sweet ham, Italian sausage, crispy bacon, back bacon, mozzarella and marinara, it’s not achingly heavy. And the juxtaposition of crispy and chewy pork combined with the perfect balance of cheese and sauce is perfection.

I’m so grateful I ordered the large.

Big House Pizza

962 Danforth Avenue


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